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What can this bot do?

TradeSnapshotBot is a Telegram bot designed to quickly and easily generate trade snapshots. Simply enter the coin name, entry price, target price, and referral number to create a snapshot of your trade. You can also include optional information such as brand name. Our user-friendly bot requires no technical knowledge to use.

The free version of this bot is limited to generating trade snapshots (7) times a week. To access more features, you can upgrade to Premium.

The steps to generate the snapshot

/start- Firs start our bot in the Telegram
/generatenew - for create new trade snaphsot
Provide the information that bot ask from you
/generate - for generate the trade snaphot base of the information


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes,to view all the pro versions, please check here /updatePro

Yes, we are accepting advertisements in our bot. You should click here /ads for more information

The generated trade snapshot belongs to you, and you can use it anywhere, such as in your channel or share it with your friends.

Currently, we only support Binance, but we are working to add more exchanges to our bot.

Yes, premium users will receive support.

We offer various packages that cater to different budgets. You can explore all our offers here /updatePro

Using our bot is easy. Simply start by generating a trade snapshot with the command /start and follow the instructions provided by our bot.

Absolutely! Utilizing our bot is entirely legal and poses no concerns for you. Feel free to use it with confidence